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DIY Pickleball Court Painting- How Much Paint To Buy?

This post is primarily focused on the the quantity of paint you need to buy. Yes. You will need a professional squeegee, a tape machine, chalk line, leaf blower and much, much more but I just want to focus on the quantity of paint needed.

If you’re looking for a complete DIY kit, contact me and I can put that together for you based upon what you currently have on hand and also what you can rent locally.

Let’s also assume we’re talking about the most common size of a backyard court, 30′ X 60′. Here is what I came up with on a recent project I painted that you can see as the cover for this post.

Three-Color Court:

  • 1st coat of resurfacer- This can fluctuate based on the quality of the paving job. A rough paving job may require more paint. A more smooth paving job may require less.
    • 8 X 5-gallon pails = 40 gallons
  • 2nd coat of resurfacer
    • 5 X 5-gallon pails = 25 gallons
  • 1st coat of border/outside color- I cover the entire court
    • 4.5 X 5-gallon pails = 22 gallons
  • 2nd coat of color- Again, I covered the entire court. You don’t have to but it’s much easier than cutting in around the court. If you do cut in, you better be good with a squeegee.
    • 4.5 X 5-gallon pails = 22 gallons
  • 1st coat of color in, shall we say, the living room
    • 3/4 X 5-gallon pail = 3 gallons
  • 2nd coat of color in Living Room
    • 3/4 X 5-gallon pail = 3 gallons
  • 1st coat of color in Non-Volley Zone (Kitchen)
    • 1/2 X 5-gallon pail
  • 2nd coat of color in Kitchen
    • 1/2 X 5-gallon pail

What are the numbers:

  • Resurfacer = 65 Gallons
  • Border Color = 44 Gallons
  • Living Room = 6 Gallons
  • Kitchen = 5 Gallons
  • Line paint = 1 Gallon

There are a few ways to approach this. Keep in mind, this may vary from paint manufacturer to paint manufacturer but they’re all pretty similar.

  1. You can order material uncut where you add the silica sand, water and colors. This will be your most affordable option but it can be messy if you don’t know how to measure and mix as well as work out of a 55-gallon drum.
  2. You can order pre-mixed 55-gallon drums and just add water and color. There’s less mixing because the sand is added but also messy if you don’t know how to measure and mix.
  3. Order in pre-mixed quantities in both 55-gallon drums, 30-gallon drums and 5-gallons pails.

Depending upon which route you choose, you will likely have leftover paint, which is fine. It’s always good to have extra for touch-ups.

If you’re interested in purchasing materials, reach out to me through the contact form below. I’m happy to help as each project is slightly different.

You can also see a gallery of my work at

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