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Home Pickleball Court Options

With pickleball’s popularity and the amount people that play, I thought I’d throw you some options on how you make a court at home.

1. Backyard Court: This is the big one. Getting an asphalt court paved and painted in your backyard.

-You need a flat area of your backyard that can accommodate a 30′ X 60′ asphalt slab. This is for the 20′ X 44′ court plus a border around the court.

-The bigger the slope of your property, the more it will cost due to increased excavation. If you have an area with a big slope, you may also have to add retaining walls which will bump up the price big time.

-If your town requires it, you may need to get a permit. If so, you will need 1,800 sqft of impervious coverage (Or is it pervious in this case) in order for your town to grant you a permit.

2. Driveway: If you have a flat area of your driveway, usually by the garage, you can easily paint pickleball lines on your driveway.

-You will need roughly 880 sqft of flat area to paint pickleball lines.¬†Regulation Court Lines are 20′ X 44′. The border is not as important in this case.

-Roughly speaking, if you have enough room for a 3-point line for a basketball court, you can fit pickleball lines.

-Sealcoating- If your driveway has been sealcoated, you have to go with traffic paint for the lines. If your driveway has not been sealcoated, you can do a full color coat similar to what you see on this post’s cover page.

3. Garage– If you have a 4-car garage, you can fit pickleball lines in your garage.

-It’s helpful to have somewhat high ceilings. The industry recommends a minimum of 18′ but I don’t think you need that much.

-You may have to play on epoxy paint which can be highly slippery when wet. If your garage floor is still raw concrete, you will have painting options.

I hope this helps.

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