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Sports Equipment Winter Clearance Sale

I am clearing out my garage/storage room/office/man cave/warehouse and have some items I’m looking to clear out.  Most of these items are a result of buying items in bulk in order to get a volume discount or free shipping.  Now I’m left with onesies and twosies.

I am either selling these items at a deep discount or giving them away to religious schools or non-profits.

In cases requiring an install, I’m available. If you go with the install, I’ll give you the product for free.

Basketball Pole Padding:

Royal Blue Pole Pad
  • I have three of these in ROYAL BLUE ONLY
  • First Team FT80
  • Normal cost = $427 (Retail link)
  • Your cost = $100

Gym Backboard Padding:  This is meant for gymnasium backboards, not residential.  These are meant for schools with red as their team color.

Scarlet Backboard Pad
  • I have two of these in SCARLET (As seen in the above picture)
  • First Team FT72C TuffGuard
  • Normal cost = $287 (Retail Link)
  • Your cost = $100

Residential/Playground Backboard Padding: These are designed for residential or playground 42″X72″ backboards

Black Backboard Padding
  • I have four of these in BLACK
  • First Team FT72 Recreational Backboard Padding
  • Normal Cost = $261 (Retail Link)
  • Your cost = $100

JustinTyme Basketball Hoops

JustinTyme Mini Basketball Hoop
  • I have two of these
  • JustinTyme Mini-Pro 2.0
  • Normal Cost = $140 (Retail Link)
  • Your cost = $50 (Installation available)

Outdoor Pull-Up Bars: The cost is for the BAR only

  • I have 15 of these
  • Regulation dimension pull-up bars
  • Normal cost is = $82 (Retail link)
  • Your cost = $50 (Installation of complete system available)

Regulation GYMNASIUM backboard:  This is an INDOOR school backboard.  This is great to keep in stock in case of an emergency.  You do not want to get caught with a shattered backboard. I also have the mounting brackets to make a wall-mounted basketball hoop but it will need the hardware (chains, nuts, bolts, lumber, etc….)  I’m pretty sure the replacement pieces will between $400-$500. The wall-mounted hoop model is the First Team SuperMount 46 Triumph. Retail price

Backboard Padding NOT included
  • I have 1 of these
  • FT235 Regulation Basketball Backboard
  • Normal cost = $964 (Retail Link) (Shipping on this is a big cost too.)
  • Your cost = $500

Tennis Nets:

View from net
  • I have three of these
  • FT8000T2 Tennis Nets
  • Normal cost = $210 (Retail link)
  • Your cost = $150

Sheets of sports backstop netting: These WILL NOT support any hardball sports.  They’re only good for basketballs, soccer balls or volleyballs.  Lacrosse balls, baseballs or hockey pucks will rip right through it.

Backstop Netting
  • I have A LOT of netting
  • Sheets are either 10′ or 12′ tall and run multiple lengths from 40′ to 70′ long
  • They’re 1′ hole pattern.
  • Reach out to me for cost
  • Backstop netting install available

Let me know if you’re interested.  I will delete items as they sell so if it’s up here I still have it.

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