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Sports Equipment Winter Clearance Sale

I am clearing out my garage/storage room/office/man cave/warehouse and have some items I’m looking to clear out.  Most of these items are a result of buying items in bulk in order to get a volume discount or free shipping.  Now I’m left with onesies and twosies.  I know this stuff will sell “Eventually” so I’m not giving anything away but I’d like to clear some space so I’m selling everything at cost and will deliver in NJ.

Basketball Pole Padding:

Royal Blue Pole Pad
  • I have three of these in ROYAL BLUE ONLY
  • First Team FT80
  • Normal cost = $350 (Retail link)
  • Your cost = $200

Gym Backboard Padding:  This is meant for gymnasium backboards, not residential.  These are meant for schools with red as their team color.

Scarlet Backboard Pad
  • I have two of these in SCARLET (As seen in the above picture)
  • First Team FT72C TuffGuard
  • Normal cost = $236 (Retail Link)
  • Your cost = $100

Residential/Playground Backboard Padding: These are designed for residential or playground 42″X72″ backboards

Black Backboard Padding
  • I have four of these in BLACK
  • First Team FT72 Recreational Backboard Padding
  • Normal Cost = $236 (Retail Link)
  • Your cost = $100

JustinTyme Basketball Hoops

JustinTyme Mini Basketball Hoop
  • I have two of these
  • JustinTyme Mini-Pro 2.0
  • Normal Cost = $140 (Retail Link)
  • Your cost = $60 (Installation available)

Outdoor Pull-Up Bars: The cost is for the BAR only

  • I have 15 of these
  • Regulation dimension pull-up bars
  • Normal cost is = $82 (Retail link)
  • Your cost = $70 (Installation of complete system available)

Regulation GYMNASIUM backboard:  This is an INDOOR school backboard.  This is great to keep in stock in case of an emergency.  You do not want to get caught with a shattered backboard.

Backboard Padding NOT included
  • I have 1 of these
  • FT235 Regulation Basketball Backboard
  • Normal cost = $964 (Retail Link) (Shipping on this is a big cost too.)
  • Your cost = $500

Tennis Nets:

View from net
  • I have three of these
  • FT8000T2 Tennis Nets
  • Normal cost = $210 (Retail link)
  • Your cost = $150

Sheets of sports backstop netting: These WILL NOT support any hardball sports.  They’re only good for basketballs, soccer balls or volleyballs.  Lacrosse balls, baseballs or hockey pucks will rip right through it.

Backstop Netting
  • I have A LOT of netting
  • Sheets are either 10′ or 12′ tall and run multiple lengths from 40′ to 70′ long
  • They’re 1′ hole pattern.
  • Reach out to me for cost
  • Backstop netting install available

Let me know if you’re interested.  I will delete items as they sell so if it’s up here I still have it.

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