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Morristown Firewood Solutions

This post is everything I know about firewood and ways I can help you.  (Or, you can take my info and help yourself.)

To cut to the chase, I can help you with the three below options.  Hit me up on the contact form at the bottom of the page if you’re interested.

Mike’s Services:

  1. Firewood delivered and stacked
    1. $100 per 1/4 cord in Greater Morristown
    2. $150 per 1/2 cord in Greater Morristown
    3. $250 for Full cord in Greater Morristown
  2. Processing your property’s firewood.  Contact me at the bottom of the page for details.
  3. Sale, delivery and assembly of firewood racks for either self-use or to set up your own firewood stand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Firewood Sizing

How to measure firewood?  A cord is the unit of measure for firewood.  People can geek out on the proper terminology in the same way as people do with grammar.   So as not to have my content critiqued, I’ll let them critique the measurement definitions at

Here is a pic to give you a visual.

“Is it seasoned?”

This is important as you don’t want a bunch of wet wood that’s going to smoke you out of house and home.  On the other side, people are getting soft and no longer know how to burn wood and freak out when they can’t light a fire on the first try.  Seasoned wood refers to wood that has been processed (cut, split and stacked) for four full seasons.  If you can get it, great.  But sometimes seasoned firewood is gone by Christmas.  I, personally, don’t have problems burning wood that’s a couple months old.

“Is it kiln dried?”

Kiln dried is nice for certain scenarios, such as getting your fire started but, in my opinion, you’re burning through money because kiln dried burns too fast.  You need a mix of kind dried, seasoned and regular.

Ways to Buy Firewood:

Option #1- Buy from a retailer- These are the small plastic-wrapped bundles you see in major retailers.  The going rates are below.  You’re typically going to get a hardwood mix of oak, ash and others.  This is an easy enough way to get wood but, obviously, you’re paying a premium for small bundles and you’re only really good for one fire, if that.

Big box retailers- $22

Home Depot Firewood

Supermarkets/Regional Hardware Stores- $8.99

Ace Hardware Firewood

Hardware stores- $10

Local Hardware Store

Option #2- Buy from a farm stand.  (See below for local farm stand locations)

These are not necessarily seasoned or dry.  It depends upon the individual farmstead.  Like the others, you’re likely to get a hardwood mix of oak and ash.

Stacks like this run from $5-$10

Option #3- Get it delivered.  (I can help you with this.)

There are a number of companies you can find on Google as well as local garden centers that deliver.  In addition, many landscaping and tree service companies deliver as well.  You’re looking at roughly $150-$200 for a 1/2 cord and $250-$300 for a full cord.  Most companies with deliver your wood in a dump truck and just dump the wood on your driveway or lawn.  You’re responsible for stacking it.  I, personally, deliver and stack it.

Option #4- Process your own.

You’ve had or are having tree work done.  This is, in my opinion, the best bang for bundle.  Ask or negotiate with your tree company to leave wood behind.  Ask them to leave it cut in manageable pieces so you don’t have to use a chainsaw and can do all the splitting either by hand or by renting a wood splitter.

By going this route, there may be a little upfront work and cost but most of the cost is already sunk with the tree work.  Once you do this, depending upon the amount of work you’ve had done, you will have firewood for years and years to come without ever having to worry about your supply.

Option #5- Get me or someone to process your tree work.

Splitting wood sounds romantic.  “Yeah, I’m going to get in shape by splitting wood.” You try it but end up throwing your back out or re-aggravating a shoulder injury or something.   If you haven’t split wood in decades, it can be a challenge and extremely time consuming.  There’s also wood splitter rentals and extra costs that would be a part of hiring someone to do it.

Extra Ideas:

Get a classy-looking firewood rack or shed.

I have nothing against the less expensive steel firewood racks but I equate them to portable basketball hoops.  They serve their purpose and can get you by but they’re flimsy and end up falling apart in a few years.

Fill out the contact form below for details and pricing


Create your own firewood farm stand.

With a firewood rack like you see above, you can make a little money from your firewood source that you’ve already paid to have have split. You won’t get rich from it but you can offset some of the costs and maybe have some fun with your kids.

Local Firewood Stand Locations:

I will be sure to add to this as I receive additional locations.  Send me some if you know of any.


Harding Twp:

  • Sand Spring Rd right by the entrance to the Morris Animal Inn
  • The end of Myersville Rd


Morris Twp:

  • Hillhaven Farm on Piccatiny Rd
  • 124 West right across from Delbarton

For questions about deliveries, home wood processing or wood racks, let me know below.




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