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I’ve seen a lot of wrestling shirts out there with musclebound wrestlers are catchy quotes.  Those are all fine and fun but I wanted something simple and clean.  No words or images.  So I came up with the wrestling mat shirt.  It says it all.  This is where everything happens, on the mat.

I also have to say, it’s a great conversation piece and really shows what a tight and rabid fan base wrestling has. I wear mine all the time.  It’s my favorite shirt. Wrestlers always give me a thumbs up or remark on it.  (No one else notices it or knows what it is but wrestlers do.)  It’s fun to connect with wrestlers on the road and here where they wrestled and their backgrounds. 

This is your basic version of the wrestling mat shirt.  I carry these in stock in your basic athletic gray with black lines.  (If you want other color combos, send me a message.)


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