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Tennis Court Painting Crews Wanted- Spring 2023

I have too many tennis court resurfacing projects and am looking for contractors in order to outsource projects. I am not looking for subcontractors or selling any programs.  I’m just looking to outsource leads. You will be getting paid direct from the homeowner and paying me a sales commission.

You do not have to be an expert painter but you do have to have a knack for painting and using a squeegee as well as the ability to move a lot of paint and material. It’s hard work but rewarding and very profitable. I will provide training for the right people.

  1. Equipment needed– Doesn’t require much beyond a pressure washer, blower and trailer.
    1. Liability insurance
    2. NJ Business Registration Certificate (Or applicable in NY, CT and PA)
    3. Pick-up truck or trailer
    4. 3200 PSI Pressure washer
    5. Surface cleaner
    6. Professional backpack or walk behind leaf blower
    7. Mud mixing drill
    8. Floor sander with rubbing brick discs (Not needed but nice to have)
    9. 36” and 48” professional squeegees
    10. Heavy duty hand truck
    11. Professional taping machine
    12. Miscellaneous masonry hand tools and shovels
    13. Miscellaneous hand tools such as wrenches and screw drivers
    14. Wheel barrow
    15. 100’ of electric cord
    16. 150’ of hose
  2. Skillset needed– Artistic, strong and detail-oriented.
    1. Ability to carry full 5-gallon pails (50 + lbs)
    2. Experience working with large squeegees
    3. Masonry knowledge to fill and smooth crack repairs
    4. Ability to follow measurements precisely
    5. Ability to mix and distribute large quantities of paint
  3. Income– You’re the boss.  You determine your income.
    1. You determine pricing, do the invoicing and receive all payments and deposits from the homeowner.
    2. You purchase all materials and execute the project.
    3. I receive a sales commission. That’s it.

If interested in work for Spring 2023 and you live in NJ, NY, CT and PA, feel free to reach out to me to discuss the process and your ability and availability.

Mike Westhead

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