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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Tennis Court?

How much does it cost to paint a tennis court?  The short answer is anywhere between $4,000 and $15,000.  Why?  The are a ton of factors that go into it, which I will get into below and that I also cover in other posts.

You can always send me pics of your court to the contact form at the bottom of the page and I will give you a rough idea of the costs.

Being from Jersey, we have a certain way of explaining things.  We complain by itemizing expenses rather than just giving you a price, and we do it by prefacing our expenses with, “Bro”.  When people do it to me, I say they’re Bro-ing me to death.  So how much does a tennis court cost to repaint?  Allow me to, “Bro you to death”.

  • Bro, what kind of condition is your court in?  Is it pretty clean or is it all banged up?
  • Bro, am I gonna be there for two days pressure washing out cracks and scraping paint?
  • Bro, how big are the cracks?  Are they hairline cracks, as big as my pinky, or can I put my boot in it?
  • Bro, what colors are you looking for?  Are we doing a one color forest green court, a two color Flushing Meadows court, or are you doing a kaleidoscope?
  • Bro, what about lines?  Are we just doing tennis or are you looking for a sports smorgasbord?
  • Bro, where is the court on your property?  Does it have easy access or is it all the way in the back corner of the property with the compost pile?
  • This stuff all adds up bro.

Being that this is the point where I cut my friends off and say, “Can you please just give me a price and stop Bro-ing me to death?” I will stop Bro-ing you to death and give you some numbers.

Disclaimer- The following numbers are rough calculations based upon my experience and what I’ve heard from other contractors and suppliers.  It also differs from region to region and job to job.  This is also not a price list.  These are just rough numbers to give you an idea of your tennis court maintenance costs.

  1. $500-$1,500- Pressure washing– How dirty is your tennis court and how long will it take to clean.  I’ve priced out subcontracting several tennis court jobs to pressure washing companies and they’re all at roughly $1,500.  Their philosophy is they’re sending two bodies and a truck and they don’t leave the yard for less than $1,500 a day.  I charge between $500-$1,000 because I’m doing other things while I’m there.
  2. $500-$7,500- Crack repair– Are we caulking a couple hairline cracks or are we using one of the mesh crack repair systems like Armor Crack Repair or Riteway which are very, very expensive?  (Personally, I don’t care for the mesh repair systems.  I feel they’re just hiding the cracks and it’s better to stay on top of maintaining your cracks on a year-to-year basis.)
  3. $4,000-$7,000- Court Painting– How many coats of resurfacer are needed to cover any imperfections?  Are you doing one or two colors?  Are we using custom colors?
  4. $350- Line Painting Per Sport–  Tennis lines will be included in the above pricing but, if a customer wants a bunch of other sports, this is typical add-on pricing.

Equipment Pricing

$2,500-$3,500 Basketball hoop with installation– Really depends upon the hoop.  That’s the largest portion of this expense.  It could be a lot less if you go for a smaller hoop.  Also, are we cutting through the fence and do we need brackets for the fence?

$500 Tennis net replacement w/ Installation- Pretty self explanatory

$2,000-$3,000 Windscreens and Privacy Screens– This all depends on the height of the screen and linear feet?

$3,000-$10,000 Tennis Hitting Walls– Fiberglass hitting walls can be pricey.  The price disparity you see is the difference between painted plywood and fiberglass boards.  There’s also a big difference when you start to widen the hitting wall.

Other items: It’s tough to say on certain items but here are other examples of things you should consider when factoring in maintenance pricing:

  • Tennis post removal and reinstallation
  • Fence repair
  • Lightbulb replacements
  • Seating
  • Awnings and shade structures
  • Hitting machines

Feel free to reach out to me below and also to send me pics for a price for your court.



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