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10 Tennis Court Gift Ideas

10 Tennis Court Gift Ideas: Serving AZ and the NY Metro Area.

Gold lines
  1. Pickleball Lines– There’s a reason pickleball is so popular.  It’s incredibly fun. Jump on the bandwagon and start having some friends over to entertain in the outdoor “kitchen”.  (Kitchen refers to the area on a pickleball court closest to the net.)
  2. Additional Sports Lines–  A tennis court can me more than just tennis.  Ask about how I blend the lines so they’re less noticeable yet still visible enough to see while you’re playing.
    • Hockey
    • Shuffleboard
    • Volleyball
    • Badminton
    • And Many more.  If you have an idea, ask me.
  3. Basketball Hoop w/ lines– Ask about putting the hoop on the exterior of the fence with a fence cutout so it interferes with the court as little as possible.
  4. Custom Pole Padding- Adding unique padding options with lettering can really tie your court together.
  5. Tennis or Multi-Sport Hitting Wall– Practice makes perfect.  No need to depend on a friend to play or practice.  Work on technique by getting in reps on a hitting wall.
  6. Privacy Fence/Windscreen– Let’s face it.  Chain link fences aren’t the most attractive.  Let’s add a little aesthetics to your athletics.
  7. Replacement Tennis Net– Every court needs a fresh net every few years.
  8. Fresh New Lights– Having a light out on a tennis court is more noticeable than having a headlight out on your car. Let’s get them repaired and get the lighting consistent.
  9. Additions To Your Viewing Area–  Seating and shade covering options make it more comfortable for those viewing and when resting between or after playing.
  10. A Fresh New Paint Job– Freshening up the court by fixing cracks or even going with different color choices.

Bonus Gift Idea– Pressure washing your court!  Sometimes all your court needs is a good cleaning.  Our pressure washing services range from $500-$1,000.

For any specific questions or ideas, feel free to reach out to me below.  You will be communicating directly with me.  I won’t add you to any list or market to you.

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