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Pickleball Court Conversions- Lines and Layouts

“Adding pickleball lines to your tennis court is getting increased functionality out of your existing space.”

If you’re interested in adding pickleball to your court and have questions, feel free to fill out the contact form below and we can go over dimensions and what options you have.


Most clubs have become clay court clubs as most of their tennis members are older and prefer the softness of clay on their joints.  As a result, the hard courts are left to gather dirt and fall into disrepair.

Thanks to the growth of pickleball, these hard courts are getting repaired and back in the game.  Not only are country clubs re-purposing their hard courts but municipalities are as well.  It makes sense.  You have this large slab of playing space that’s sitting unused. Why not get some use out of it?

Residential homeowners are jumping on it too.  Most homeowners inherited the tennis court with the purchase of their home so they’re not always tennis players.  If they’re going to resurface or maintain their court, adding pickleball lines, or a basketball hoop, is giving them the ability to add/play more sports.

I won’t bug your eyes out with measurements and diagrams.  I will post some pics below, as well as some links and you can also see the dimensions and a layout in the video at the beginning of this post.  (See diagrams, pics and links below)

Two important questions concerning the safety of the location of the center tennis post on the center pickleball court(s):

  1. Whether to do three courts or four.  As discussed, it’s all about how much space you feel is safe between the courts.  The choice, in my experience, is usually made by the tennis/racquet professional and the GM.
    • With three courts, you get 15′ between courts but will then have to contend with the post from the tennis court on the center pickleball court.  (SEE VIDEO ABOVE FOR DISTANCE.)  Several clubs I’ve worked with don’t find it an issue as they usually close the center court and only play on the two side courts.
    • With four courts, you get roughly 8′ between courts.  Again, the decision is usually made by the racquet professional and GM.  Keep in mind, you still have to contend with the tennis post on one side between the two center pickleball courts.
  2. The safety of the post for the tennis court is a safety concern.  One way to fix this is to install a post sleeve, similar to an indoor gymnasium volleyball sleeve so the post is removable.  This, however, is a large undertaking as it will likely need to be jackhammered out and reinstalled.

Links: I will post more link later.


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