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10 Home Tennis Court Upgrades

Make your tennis court more enjoyable with these upgrade recommendations.

Owning a tennis court, like owning a pool, is a big responsibility. Like a pool, it seems like a good idea until you have to maintain it. Not only that, regardless of your property size, it’s a big footprint. In fact, it’s a 7,200 sqft footprint, which is why I like to refer to it as a Bigfoot Print. However, making it fun doesn’t have to be, like bigfoot, a mystery.

1. Resurface/Repaint-

This is the most obvious of the tips. (Insert Jeff Foxworthy voice) “If your court has more grass in the cracks than Wimbledon has on the court, it may be time to get it resurfaced.”

As you will hear me say, getting your court repainted is like getting the oil changed in your car. Like you should get your oil changed every 3,000-5,000 miles, you should get your court repainted every 3-5 years. You can get away with 5-7 years but anything beyond that and you’re going to run it into the ground.

2. Add a basketball hoop

If you’re a tennis purist, adding a basketball hoop may not be right for you. You won’t like the hoop in your vision anywhere on the court. Tennis purists are like the Grammar Police. They view a backboard in their field of play like a grammar cop views someone misusing their, there or they’re. It drives them crazy.

However, if you’re someone that has a court and wants to use it more for either yourself or the grandkids, adding a hoop will certainly get more people to use the court.



3. Turn it into a multi-sport court

We addressed adding a basketball hoop. What about volleyball or badminton? The key to adding extra racquet sports is to install a sleeve in the court that’s universal and removable. If you want to play tennis, play tennis. If you want to play volleyball, remove the tennis posts, insert volleyball posts and play volleyball.

4. New Net

Adding a new net is an easy and sometimes extremely needed improvement. I’ve seen nets on courts that look more tattered than some of my old flannel shirts. The good thing is you don’t have the same sentimental attachment to your net like I have to my shirts. It’s not like you’re saying, “I can’t get rid of this net. It’s my favorite net. I made a drop shot on that net that hit the tape and rolled right over that won me my match.” Replace the net you cheap bastard.

5. New windscreen

In addition to improving the quality of play by cutting down on crosswinds, windscreens can be like a new carpet in the living room. It can really tie the court together.

6. Additional Lines

When it comes to additional lines, I recommend Junior Tennis Lines for young kids and Pickle Ball Lines for ‘adult’ kids. (And by adult, I mean actual adults.) The irony is junior tennis lines are designed so kids don’t sit back on the baseline. We want them to actually volley at the net while pickle ball lines are for adult kids that don’t want to run more. They may want to play on the baseline and even volley but they do want to run less. In both instances, we’re looking to shorten the court.

7. Hitting Wall

The problem with tennis is it’s a two-person sport. You want to play but finding a partner to coordinate schedules with is harder than coordinating a high-percentage 2nd serve. With a hitting wall, you can play whenever you want.

8. Change the color scheme

Most homeowners go with one of two options. They want their court to either blend-in and not be seen or they want their court to “pop” so they give it vibrant colors. There’s no reason you can’t experiment with color combinations. You can always change back during your next painting or when you’re looking to sell your home.

9. Add a hitting machine

Just like the JUGS machines you see in football or baseball batting practice, why not get a Lobster (Focus on the word lob) to serve you balls in order to work on your return or backhand?

10. Create a seating area

Whether it’s having spectators watching you or your kids or grandkids play or having a place to relax between sets, turn your court into an entertainment destination. Heck, throw a kegerator in there for the fun of it. (I guess the keg is me projecting.)

Just like Bigfoot, don’t let making your court fun be a mystery. And you don’t have to go searching for anyone to help you maintain it, give me a call.


10 Home Tennis Court Upgrades
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10 Home Tennis Court Upgrades
Many homeowners with a tennis court don't play tennis. They want to convert their tennis court to a multi-sport court. Adding a basketball hoop and sports equipment to a home tennis court can improve the experience.
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