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DIY Basketball Pole Pad Lettering

Residential and playground basketball hoops are a great deal of fun and they provide the 95% solution when it comes to supplying a basketball court for kids to play on.  However, adding customized lettering to the pole pad can really tie the court together and give it a real visual pop.

Unfortunately, most of the basketball hoop and pole pad manufacturers don’t provide the service when you purchase your hoop.  Or, they only offer one color for the lettering.  I am going to show you how you can order the lettering and do it yourself.

  1. You contact me to get your pole pad lettering.  We will determine the font, colors and lettering you want.  You will purchase the lettering and receive it in roughly 5 business days.  This factors in creation of the lettering and shipping.sports-installer-vinyl-lettering
  2. You receive your lettering and are ready to apply it.  Find a clean place where you can work comfortably and lay out your pole pad.sports-installer-blank-pole-pad.jpg
  3. Now you measure both the length of the pole pad as well as the lettering.sports-installer-pole-pad-measurement
  4. Center and layout your lettering both top and bottom and side to side.sports-installer-centered-pole-pad-lettering
  5. This next part is very important as it allows you to pull the backing paper from the lettering and transfer paper.  This portion is called making a hinge.  Although you don’t need masking tape, it works the best.  I also recommend using two strips.sports-installer-pole-pad-lettering-hinge
  6. Now you’re going to fold the lettering over and separate the backing paper from the vinyl and transfer paper.  You’ll notice the hinge keeps the vinyl and transfer paper attached to the pad.sports-installer-pole-pad-lettering-backing-paper
  7. Now you’re going to bring everything back over to how it looked in step 5.sports-installer-pole-pad-lettering-transfer
  8. Now you’re going to reach under and start pulling back the backer paper while also applying the vinyl and transfer paper to the padding.sports-installer-basketball-pole-pad-applying-letters
  9. Now start working your way down the lettering applying the vinyl as you go.  Take your time and make sure the lettering stays centered and you’re applying it top to bottom as you go.sports-installer-basketball-pole-pad-lettering-applying
  10. Make sure it remains square with the pad.  The hinge should help with that and work your way all the way down the pad.  Go back over the padding and make sure everything has adhered smoothly.  If you have a bubble or crease, you can use a credit card or driver’s license to smooth it out.  But if you work from top to bottom, you should be okay, sports-installer-pole-pad-lettering-complete-transfer
  11. Now you start to remove the transfer paper.  Take your time with this and don’t pull too quickly.  You may have to push the vinyl back onto the pad as you’re removing the transfer paper.sports-installer-basketball-pole-pad-removing-transfer-paper
  12. Work your way up the pad.sports-installer-basketball-pole-pad-transfer-paper-removal
  13. Voila!  You have your self a nice pole pad that, as the Big Lebowski says, “Really ties your court together.”  I will post a picture of the pad on a hoop if I can get it from the customer.sports-installer-basketball-pole-pad-completesports-installer-dodgers-basketball-pole-pad

I hope you enjoyed this How To project.  Please contact me should you want a pole pad for your home or school.

Mike Westhead

DIY Basketball Pole Pad Lettering
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DIY Basketball Pole Pad Lettering
A detailed instruction on how to do DIY lettering for a basketball pole pad. Having lettering for a basketball pole pad can really make a home basketball court more exciting.
Mike Westhead
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Sports Installer

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