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A Home Basketball Court Without Court Lines Is Like Boston Without The Celtics

Having an out-of-the-box basketball hoop is great but adding basketball lines and a custom-lettered pole pad increases the number of games kids can play and the overall excitement of the court.

Here’s my disclaimer before I start telling you how great basketball court stencils are for a home court both for the installer as an additional income opportunity and for the homeowner as a playing experience.

As someone that’s trained dozens of people to paint basketball lines, I admit it’s not rocket science but I also firmly believe you’re either a painter or you’re not. Some people, painters, intuitively get it and can do it. Some people, non painters, don’t get it and I usually didn’t let them do it if they were terrible. After all, paint is permanent.

Now on to how great line painting is.

For the installer

A big negative with sports-equipment installs is the travel time between customers. You burn a ton of time commuting between jobs. If you’ve already sold them a hoop or are doing the install, talk about a prime customer for an upsell on line painting. You can add a significant chunk to your daily pay and not have to do another stop. It’s just more efficient business.

Another major bonus to line painting is it really adds pop to your job. Yes. Neighbors will see a new hoop. But will they really see it? Probably but it will be out of mind very quickly.

Painting lines on a driveway really adds visual pop to the job and will catch the eye of the neighbors every time they drive by. Their kids are going to want it to and they’re going to ask their neighbor where they got their lines done. This will not only lead to more work but, potentially, neighborhood-type jobs. This is not just word of mouth marketing, this is word of mouth and site marketing.

For the homeowner

Much like the carpet in The Big Lebowski, lines on a court really tie the court together, man.

Caution. Foul language.

All joking aside, it really does tie a court together. A basketball hoop is great. It really is, but lines add a visual that increases the number of games and shots your kids will take by leaps and bounds.

  • Free throws
  • 3-point shots
  • Baseline 3-point shots
  • Bank shots
  • Mid range jump shots

The lines add the perspective for the serious player to practice and the kids who just want to shoot around to have fun.

You can do a lot of fun stuff with the lines too. You’re not limited to just white. You can paint lines in pretty much any color Rustoleum or Krylon carries. For instance, some customers prefer not to have lines stand out on their driveway. In this case, black lines actually blend in quite well on a faded asphalt driveway.

You’re also not limited to just a high school 3-point line. You can do either a high school, NCAA or NBA 3-point line, or, why not do all three?

Logos are another cool addition you can add to your court. Whether it’s your kid’s town team or your alma mater, logos take the carpet tying the room together analogy to epic proportions.

This is more of a motivational post for the benefits of painting driveway basketball lines. I will follow up with an instructional post and video on how to actually do it.

A Home Basketball Court Without Court Lines Is Like Boston Without The Celtics
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A Home Basketball Court Without Court Lines Is Like Boston Without The Celtics
Driveway basketball lines really tie a court together. There's one thing to have a basketball hoop. But when you add the court lines, it really improves the game.
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