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Mike’s Skilled Tradesmen Directory

We’ve been hearing a great deal about supporting local restaurants and retail. Absolutely! Let’s not, however, forget about our local tradesmen and specialty services.

The following is a directory/rolodex of my friends, family and people I’ve worked with and am confident in referring. These are the people I call when I need the below services done. In almost all of the below cases, the people I refer are actually doing the work. They’re not subcontracting to other people who subcontract to other people who subcontract to some guys. They’re true owner-operated businesses.

(If you’re not on this list and want to be, let me know. Sorry if I forgot you. If I did, we need to network more.)

Also, I have a half a dozen local guys that live in town and have worked with me over the years that can work directly for you. They’re skilled guys that can do odd jobs such as power washing, raised garden beds, screen repair, clean outs, punch list items and small carpentry-type projects. They have all the tools and the skill sets to do what you need done. If you have a need, let me know and I can see if I can make a connection.

Make sure you tell all these people I referred you. I will not receive compensation but I’d like to have the satisfaction. (It’s kind of like that scene from Seinfeld when George leaves a tip and they don’t see him leave it.)

Avery Calisthenics Tower

Stuck at home and not able to go to the gym. Call or text me at 973-525-6424 to ask about an outdoor pull-up bar.

Asphalt Paving-

  • Guerriero Paving- Call or text Jay @ 201-572-1017 to get your driveway paved.

Asphalt Sealcoating

  • Bill Guerriero Sealcoating- This is my father in-law. He is the best in the sealcoating business. (And I’m not just saying that because he’s my father in-law.) Give Bill a call at 973-377-9266.

Apparel- Looking for team bonding or to reward a group that has stepped up in this crisis? Why not get them some motivational team-building products?

  • Splitfinger Strategies– Looking for apparel or promotional items with logos, call my buddy Bill Magnier. Those of you that know Bill know you’ll get a good conversation, a few laughs and a good job.

Cars- Now is a good time to get your car serviced or maintained. While your car is parked: think tune ups, tire rotation, oil changes etc…

  • Convent Station Lukoil Service Center- Mike Tusinacs (aka Two Snacks) He also does small engine repair. If you’re stuck at home and need your leaf blower or lawn mower up and running, he also provides that service. Call Mike @ 973-540-8730 or text hime @ 973-886-3838.
  • Dave’s Auto Body- He’s great if you’re in the Madison/Florham Park area. Call Dave @ 973-377-0696
  • Green Village Garage– Mike and his crew are great if you live in Harding or Green Village. Too bad you can’t drop your car off and sit down for a nice bite at the GVD.

Delis & Restaurants- Alright, what the heck. I’ll throw my food stops into the list. I believe all of the below are doing curbside pick up. There’s a thousand restaurants and delis. This isn’t a ranking. It’s just a list of where I go. (I’m anticipating all you psychos with your deli evangelization.)

  • C&J’s– If you want good care, go see Johnny Blair.
  • GVD– Voted top 20 Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese sandwich in the state. See my video on their Taylor Ham Sandwich below.
  • Guerriero’s– Fusilli and Broccoli Rabe is my favorite.
  • Hickory Tree Deli– Part of what I like to call the Hickory Tree Trifecta. You stop drop and roll on Ace Hardware, Wine Traders and Louie Nap.
  • Main St Subs– Ham and swiss with oil and vinegar AND mayo.
  • Pascarella Bros– They also ship nationwide should you be hankering for a Sloppy Joe. (Follow the link in the description of the below video for my review of their Sloppy Joe sandwich.)
  • Zio Gino– (I still have them listed in my phone as Pat’s Pizza.) My pizza delivery service of choice. You can also add them to the Hickory Tree Trifecta.

Decking- This is a great at-home project for this time of year. If we’re going to be home, why not hang out on your outside deck for some sun sanitization?

  • Stud-By-Stud Home Improvements– Jimmy specializes in building and rehabbing decks. For all you Dodgers, his right-hand man, and the one doing the work, is Brian Corea.


  • Sports Installer- I make trips to hardware stores and garden centers daily. If you need something, let me know. I’m sure we can arrange something. Call or text me to let me know what you need delivered. I’m not doing anything that can’t be done by someone else. For instance, if you want food or groceries, call Door Dash or Uber Eats. I can help with materials and supplies from hardware stores.


  • Adam Demartinis– Adam works for a company but he also does work for himself. He does great work.

Flagpoles- Riding around town and seeing the awful condition of flags, the Marine in me wants to start a homeschooling class on flag etiquette.

  • Sports Installer- If it entails digging a hole and setting a pole, we install basketball hoops all day. We install flagpoles too. I also source the flagpoles from a local retail store. I can also help with flagpole maintenance. Call or text 973-525-6424. All new flagpole customers get a FREE pocket constitution. (We may need to revisit it as this crisis wears on.)

Fencing- I see a lot of shabby-looking split rail fencing around the area. It looks more split than rail.

  • My guys- Like I said, I know a handful of guys around town that can help you. If it’s a large fencing installation project, I will refer you to a fencing company. They’re better suited for the bigger jobs. However, if you’re looking for split rail or deer fence repair and live in the greater Madison/Morristown area, call or text me.
    • Split Rail Fencing- I source all the wood locally from either Walt Morris or Country Mile Gardens on 202 in Harding.


  • Greg- Delivered and stacked 1/2 cords and full cords. Call or text him at 973- 294-0998 “Is it seasoned?” I don’t know. Ask him.

Garage Doors-


  • David Ballan– David has a few crews to help with punch list items.

Hardware Stores-

  • Ace Hardware in Hickory Tree– Good group of people. They’re also good with picking materials up around back. Located at the old A&P. You can do the Hickory Tree Trifecta. You can get curbside pick up from Hickory Tree Deli, Booze from the Wine Traders and supplies from Ace.

Home Improvement

  • Whitey Vitale Home Improvement– You’ve probably seen Vincent “Whitey” Vitale riding around Harding, Green Village and local areas on his horse. He also owns and operates a home improvement contracting company replacing windows, roofing, siding and more.





Landscapers– Coming soon. I don’t know if I know more landscapers or deli owners. There are too many to list for right now.


  • Sebastian Cerciello– He’s on the job and good for a joke or two. He does a craftsman’s job with concrete.


  • Country Mile Gardens– A sign out front says it all “Vegetable Garden HQ”. They have moved their entire operation outside so you can go walk around, browse and select your veggies or spring flowers.



  • Michael Porter Painting- He is a small independent painter. If you’re looking for a few rooms or a small job, he’s your guy. His in-laws own the Grand Café. If you know the Lloyd’s, he’s part of their family. Call Mike @ 908-295-1850.
  • Marcus McNamara Fine Painting– He does some amazing high-end work. If you’re looking for high-end production, Marcus is your man. A Marine-Owned Business!
  • Rutgers Painting- The owner, Kevin Sheridan, is a friend of mine from my youth and college wrestling days. He’s still active with a jiu jitsu school, so don’t try and wrestle with him on pricing. If you’re looking for whole house painting, call Kevin.


  • Lepore’s Plumbing– Quick turnaround on servicing. (Which is important in a plumbing crisis.)

Power washing– Spring cleaning is always a good time to, well, clean and the easiest way to do outdoor washing is to power wash.

  • My crew- My crew of guys can come power wash for you. Let me know if you need them.


  • Madison Pet Shop– Their customer service is excellent. They offer home delivery too.
  • Harding Mobile Vet– Does your pet need medical assistance? They come direct to you.


  • JRL Pool Installers– Your pool will be installed by a teacher and my college roommate Bob. Make sure you mention me and ask for Bob to install your pool as he has more than one crew.



Sporting Goods-


Hoops, court painting both on the driveway and in your backyard. Call or text me at 973-525-6424.
  • Sports Installer- I supply and install larger items such as basketball hoops, batting cages, flagpoles etc…. I’m not in the balls, knee pads or bats and sticks business. See Alfred’s for that stuff.
  • Alfred’s Sports Shop– Balls and equipment
  • Studio 128– Stuck working out at home or on the road, you have to get a legging up.

Swing Sets-

  • NJ Swing Sets– Good group of guys I work with quite a bit. Call Jay for a swing set.

Tennis Court Painting and Supplies-

  • Sports Installer- Do I need to even say anything?

Tree Companies-







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